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Scenic Oaks

Scenic Oaks is a community built in the hills above Helotes, Texas. It is filled with natural beauty and excellent schools. With its impressive views, it is no wonder that many have called Scenic Oaks home for decades. Many residents here have purchased second homes in the area because of its great year-round weather, abundance of green space, and scenic views. The area is also known for being very safe and peaceful, as well as very family friendly. While there are plenty of upsides to living in Helotes and Scenic Oaks, not everyone wants to be so remote from other cities and towns. For those who do not want to deal with the lack of major shopping centers, there are good options nearby with large-scale retail stores that are open on Sundays and open year round.

How to Find Scenic Oaks

There is no official website for the town of Scenic Oaks. However, the city of Helotes does have its own Facebook page, so you can “Like” that to receive updates on the area. There are also many online forums and communities that are dedicated to the town of Scenic Oaks. You can search online forums to see if there are any posts regarding someone moving to the area. Another way to find out if anyone is looking to move is to check online real estate listings. If you know someone who is currently looking to move, asking them if they know anyone who is looking to move to the area can be an excellent resource. Learn More

Scenic Oaks Reviews – Before You Move In

As with any community, it is important to do your research before moving to Scenic Oaks, Texas. The best option would be to look at every community’s reviews on various community review websites. Scenic Oaks has a few different places you can look at for information, including the city of Helotes’ Facebook page, and a few online forums. Another option is to look at online real estate listings for homes for sale in Scenic Oaks. You can do this by searching for “Sci Oaks real estate listings” on the homeowners’ websites, or by using a site like Google to find the real estate listings. When you are looking at the listings, take note of any information that could be helpful when deciding if Scenic Oaks could be a good fit for you.

Great Schools in Helotes and Scenic Oaks, TX

There are a variety of great schools in both Helotes and Scenic Oaks. In Helotes, there are some great options for preschool-aged children, including the Scenic Oaks Preschool and Early Childhood Center. There are also two public elementary schools, a private elementary school, a public middle school, and a public high school. In Scenic Oaks, the city’s public schools are also very good, and they have some great high school and community college options, too. Some of the great schools in Scenic Oaks include the Hamilton High School, Helotes High School, and the University Independent School District.


With its great year-round weather and large amount of natural beauty, it is no surprise that Scenic Oaks is a community filled with many happy residents. There are quiet neighborhoods, as well as large expanses of green space where residents can go for walks or bike rides. In addition, there are plenty of shopping options nearby, and many towns are only an hour away from Helotes. However, there are a few things to think about before making the move to Scenic Oaks, Texas. While it is not too far from other cities and towns, it is also relatively remote, meaning that it is not as accessible as other parts of the San Antonio metro area. Next

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